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Plugin Alliance ESSENTIAL Bundle

Everything you want to know about the NEW Plugin Alliance ESSENTIAL Bundle that includes 40+ plugins for only $10 a month and you get a $99.99 voucher that you can use to purchase any plugin(s) you wish (even when they are on sale!) after a continuous 12-months of subscription!

There is NO yearly commitment, cancel anytime you wish.

This is a great bundle for those who aren’t sure about plugin subscriptions and want to see how the process works. I personally don’t like most subscription plugin plans, but I do subscribe to the Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle ($24.99/mo) because it’s an amazing value.

If you’re not sure about the MEGA Bundle or perhaps you don’t need all the plugins it offers, the ESSENTIAL Bundle would be my personal pick.

Check out our Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle review.

NO ONE does plugin subscriptions better than Plugin Alliance. PERIOD!

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A few of the plugins included are the SSL 4000 E, bx_masterdesk, bx_rooM/S, Ampeg SVT-VR, Diezel VH4, bx_stereomaker, and Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

Just those plugins are worth the $10 a month (in my opinion) and you’re getting 33+ more!

In the video we show all the included plugins as of 4/17/2020 – this list will grow over time, and you will automatically get access to those plugins when you are subscribed.

Pretty sweet huh?



As of April 18, 2020 the break down by type of plugin is

  • 2 Channel Strips
  • 2 Virtual Instruments
  • 7 Mix Tools/Trix
  • 9 Dynamics
  • 6 Equalizers
  • 2 Reverb & Delay
  • 4 Guitar & Bass
  • 4 Pedals & Tools
  • 3 Tone/Character
  • 1 Utilities

For a total of 40 plugins.

New plugins are added to the bundle as they are released, and if you are a current subscriber, you get them for no extra charge, which is pretty cool.

Here’s the current list of everything you get –


Brianworx bx_console N is based on the incredible Neve VXS analog console. It includes a compressor/limiter, expander/gate, EQ, high and low pass filters, and more. It also features 72 TMT channels to ensure authentic Neve analog tone.

Brainworx bx_console SSL 4000 E 
Based on the legendary Solid State Logic 4000 E console, and officially approved by Solid State Logic. This channel strip has 72 TMT channels of SSL goodness, EQ, compressor/limiter, expander/gate, filters, and everything else you need to nail that authentic SSL analog sound.


Brainworx bx_oberhausen is an analog synthesizer based on the Oberheim SEM Synth.
But it goes beyond the hardware to include built in FX, Arpeggiator, TMT, FM, Mid-Side, and more.

DS Thorn is a modern synth instrument built on Spectral Synthesis. It includes over 600 presets to get you started, 3 LFOs, 3 ADSR, 2 Multi-stage Envelopes, built-in effects, Glitch sequencer, and plenty more tools for crafting your sound.


Brainworx bx_boom lets you quickly tune, attenuate, or boost the impact of your kick drum. You can even use it in a full mix or drum loop.

Brainworx bx_stereomaker is a Mid-Side upmixing plugin that converts any mono signal to stereo and keeps them 100% mono-compatible. This is one of my personal favorite plugins to use on guitars for a wide wall-of-sound in seconds. It works equally as well on piano, vocals, or any mono source.

Noveltech Vocal Enhancer does just what it says, it enhances vocals with just a few controls that automatically adjusts a complex set of parameters in the back end. With only a few tweaks your vocals can instantly sound pro.

SPL De-Essers include a single band and dual band de-esser plugin. They are some of the most musical sound De-Essers around.

SPL Transient Designer Plus is a transient shaper that allows you to adjust the attack and sustain of a transient independent of level. It’s great on drums & cymbals, guitar, bass, piano, and even strings, vocals and any other source.

SPL DrumXchanger makes drum replacement easy. It comes with almost a Gig of pro samples, or use can load your own drum samples. Completely replace your drums or blend with the original sound to layer.

Unfiltered Audio BYOME or Build Your Own Modular Effect is a collection of over 40 effect modules, with over 400 presets to get you started. Everything from Reverb to Compression, to Pitch shift, to Delay, to glitch and everything in between can be done with BYOME. It’s truly a unique plugin.


ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3 is an optical compressor with harmonic colorization. It’s based on the hardware of the same name.

Brainworx bx_limiter is a low latency highly accurate limiter with saturation on board.

Brainworx bx_masterdesk is a high-end analog mastering system in a single plugin. Literally everything run through this plugin sounds better. It’s one of my favorite plugins of all time. It just sounds good.

Brainworx bx_townhouse Buss Compressor is based one of the rarest compressors around. There was only ONE ever made and it was hand-built from SSL console parts. Use it on your mix buss in conjunction with an SSL Console and experience the awesomeness!

elysia alpha compressor is based on the $10,000 hardware unit. This is a mastering grade compressor with a sophisticated and complete set of dynamic controls. You’ll also get the Mix version which is stripped down and quick to use on individual instruments.

elysia alpha master
elysia alpha MIX


Lindell Audio 254E is a compressor and limiter based on the legendary Neve 2254E. This thing is drenched in vintage tone.

Purple Audio MC77 is a compressor/limiter based on the legendary 1176 but with added modern components.

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is based on the $8,000 hardware unit. It has Optical and Discrete compression, three different output transformers, Parallel Mix, Sidechain, and more.

Unfiltered Audio G8 is more than just a standard gate. Use it to create rhythmic patterns or stutter effects, shape transients, and even trigger with MIDI.


Brainworx bx_2098 EQ is based on the famous Neve-designed Amek 9098 EQ. It’s a British style EQ with Mid-Side, 20 channels of TMT, THD control and lots of analog tone.

Brainworx bx_digital V3 is the mother of Mid-Side EQ. It’s a transparent and accurate EQ with advanced features like Bass and Presence shift, Dynamic Eq, Proportional Q filters, Mono Maker and more.

Dangerous Music BAX EQ is a mastering grade Baxandall equalizer with a smooth, clean, and natural sound.

Lindell Audio TE-100 is based on the Klein & Hummel UE-100 hardware, with 14 tubes powering a single EQ. It’s known for its warm and musical curves and has been described as “a Pultec on steroids”

Maag Audio EQ4 is an equalizer plugin with a musical tone and the famous AIR BAND. EQ4 features wide, smooth bands.

SPL EQ Ranger Plus is like having 181 EQ modules in one. Choose a genera or instrument and your center frequencies are set and ready to adjust.


Brainworx bx_delay 2500 is an awesome sounding, creative, and easy to use delay with advanced features like Transient Shaping, Mid-Side, Modulation, Ducking, and Distortion.

Brainworx bx_rooMS is an advanced Mid-Side reverb with EQ, and modulation. Start with a Reverb type, and dial in the perfect space.


Ampeg SVT-VR is based on the original all-tube 300 watt bass amp and packs authentic SVT tone. Everything about this bass amp is perfect, and it’s another of my personal favorites.

Brainworx bx_bassdude is a bass or guitar amp based on the 1960s Fender Bassman.

Brainworx bx_rockrack V3 is a collection of 8 amps in a single package. You’ll find the Marshall JCM 800 2210, ENGL 530 Tube Preamp, Mesa Boogie Rect-O-Verb 50W, and the custom Metal BX 666.

Diezel VH4 captures authentic Diezel tone from clean to ultra-high gain. It’s an exact model of the real amp, and is officially endorsed by Diezel. You won’t find a better model of this legendary metal amp anywhere.


ADA Flanger is based on the original 1979 version and the 2009 reissue of this famous flanger pedal.

1979 model
1979 model
2009 re-issue
2009 re-issue


Brainworx bx_bluechorus2 is based on the Boss CE-2 chorus pedal that was built in Japan during the late 80s and early 90s.

Brainworx bx_greenscreamer is based on the most popular overdrive pedal of all time, the Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer.

Brainworx bx_tuner is a guitar and bass tuning plugin with an easy to read interface.


Black Box Analog Design HG-2 let’s you add authentic tube saturation and harmonics that enhance your tracks in an almost magical way. It’s based on the $3000 hardware unit.

Brainworx bx_saturator V2 is a multi-band Mid-Side saturator suitable for mixing and mastering. Add saturation in different amounts and different frequency bands.

SPL Vitalizer MK2-T is an unmasking EQ that uses psychoacoustic and audiometric principles to enhance the sonic quality of your tracks.


Brainworx bx_meter is a sophisticated peak, RMS, and Dynamic Range meter with Stereo, Link, and Mid-Side modes.

The Plugin Alliance ESSENTIAL Bundle is a low-cost, high quality bundle of plugins perfect for those starting out, students, and pros alike.

Get the Plugin Alliance ESSENTIAL Bundle here

And when you want even more, upgrade to the MEGA Bundle.

Checkout out our Plugin Alliance Plugin Demo Playlist on YouTube.

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