July 17, 2024

Plugin Alliance SVT-VR Bass Amp – Review & Demo

Plugin Alliance AMPEG SVT-VR

The Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT-VR plugin is a faithful recreation of the real amp. That means you can dial in those classic (or modern) tones without having to lug around a heavy amp head and giant 8X10 cab!

This amp has all the features of the real amp including the Ultra High and Ultra Low switches, and a selectable mid frequency.

  • Midrange
  • 1=220 Hz
  • 2=800 Hz
  • 3=3 kHz

Watch the video below to learn everything about this awesome bass amp plugin and hear how it sounds.

In the FX RACK you’ll find a built-in Noise Gate, Tight & Smooth filters, Speaker Horn emulation, and of course the patented Recording Chains


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