July 17, 2024

UNMIX Your Tracks/Loops with Zplane PEEL STEMS


Peel Stems is an audio plugin (AU, VST, AAX) that provides real-time stem separation right in your DAW.

PEEL STEMS is like Photoshop for Audio.

With Peel Stems you can take a fully mixed track with drums, guitar, bass, vocals, and piano, and extract the individual instruments to re-use, re-mix, or rebalance the track.

Have a combined loop with drums, bass, and keys, but you only want the drums? No problem! Extract the drums from the full loop and re-use the drum loop with a different track.

Have a fully mixed song where the vocals are too loud? No problem! Simply turn down the vocals, and only the vocals with Peel Stems.

Or, even extract a vocal (or any instrument) from a fully mixed track, remix the isolated track with whatever plugins you want – eq, compression, reverb, etc… and mix back in to the original track.

PEEL STEMS is an awesome tool for creativity. Use it with your loops, samples, and tracks, and use it with AI generated songs to separate the different stems into separate tracks and re-mix or re-use however you want.


You can find PEEL STEMS on the Zplane website

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