July 17, 2024

FREE PLUGIN – iZOTOPE Neutron 4 Elements – AI Channel Strip

Get iZOTOPE Neutron 4 Elements for FREE ($49 value) as long as you get it by July 8, 2024 – You will OWN IT FOREVER, but you must get it by that date.

Neutron 4 Elements is an AI-Powered Channel Strip that does all the work for you. It will analyze your audio and automatically apply EQ, Compression, Width, Saturation, etc…

You don’t have full control over each effect like you do in the full version, but you can make some adjustment to compression, width, distortion, and tone.

Neutron 4 Elements will Tone Map your track to a “professional” tone that is built-in to the plugin, or you can even create your own profiles with Audiolens, or even load an audio file directly in the plugin.

So for example: if you have a sample of a kick drum that you like and you want to match your track to that sound, simply load it in Neutron 4 Elements and it will take care of the rest.

The same applies for any other instrument like guitar, piano, bass, even vocals!



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