With Gig Performer 3 you can use your favorite VST or AU plugins live on stage or for jamming with extremely low latency – NO DAW REQUIRED!

Have you ever wanted to use your plugins without the hassle of waiting for your DAW to open?

Have you ever wanted to use your plugins in a live situation, but your DAW wasn’t stable, the routing was weird, and the latency was just too much?

Then you need GIG PERFORMER 3 from Deskew, now a part of Plugin Alliance!

Gig Performer 3 from Plugin Alliance comes in two ‘flavors’

If you have the MEGA Bundle, you will get Gig Performer 3 MEGA Edition. This version is limited to only loading Plugin Alliance plugins.

There is also an UNLOCKED version that can host ANY VST, VST3, or AU (Mac only) plugins. The unlocked version is currently $199, but if you have the MEGA Bundle you can grab it for $99.

You only need the Unlocked version if you want to run 3rd party plugins. The Mega edition will be enough for many, and has all the same functionality.

Gig Performer is awesome for guitar or bass players that want to run their favorite amp plugins live.

And you can make the plugin chain as complex as you want.

Throw in an amp, some stomp boxes, reverb, eq, compressor, etc… and run your perfect studio guitar plugin chain LIVE on stage or for band practice.

But it’s not just guitar or bass players!

GP will work with ANY plugin or virtual instrument! So, use it for keyboards/synths, vocals, even drums!

And everything can be controlled with MIDI, OSC, touchscreen, or mouse.

You can even setup several chains, all using different plugins, and switch between them INSTANTLY, with NO AUDIO DROP OUT!

Try setting up a guitar plugin chain for each section of a song (intro, verse, chorus, bridge) with different plugins and settings for each – and easily switch between them with a MIDI pedal board.

Or, setup a perfect vocal chain for each section of a song, or even a WHOLE SETLIST!

Or, use it for podcasting or streaming! You can even run your plugin chain into OBS or Streamlabs (depending on your interface driver)

You can even setup a custom interface (essentially macro controls) for parameters you access constantly.

There’s a ton more you can do with GIG PERFORMER 3. If you have the MEGA Bundle, you can download it right now for free (MEGA edition).

In this video we’ll go over the basics that will get you up and running.


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