June 22, 2024

Audient iD44 MKII Audio Interface – Everything You Want To Know


The Audient iD44 MKII is a total BEAST of an audio interface. It packs 4 amazing mic preamps, 4 analog outputs, 2 Optical Ins & Outs, ScrollControl, Loopback, Talkback, Speaker Switching, Mute, DIM, Inserts, and more into a single package that sits right on your desktop.

Checkout the video below to learn everything about this audio interface.


The Audient iD44 MKII is a premium audio interface with console quality preamps and class leading converters. You will definitely hear a positive difference when you plug into this interface.

The 4 Mic pre-amps have +60dB of clean and JUICY gain, and they make every microphone sound amazing.

On the front you’ll find 2 JFET D.I. Inputs for guitar or bass.

If you are a tactile person, you’ll love all the buttons and switches on the iD44 MKII. You have per-channel switches for 48v Phantom Power, -10dB Pad, and a 100Hz hi-pass filter to dial out low end rumble or proximity effect.

Then there are dedicated buttons for Talkback, Dim, and Mute, and 3 programmable Function buttons for Alt Speaker, Phase Flip, and Mono Mode.

With ScrollControl you can use the big volume knob to adjust plugin parameters or to draw in automation.

There are 4 analog outputs, 2 independent headphone outputs, and 2 Optical inputs and outputs – so you can easily expand the iD44 MKII with an external mic preamp for example.

The Inserts (Sends & Returns) are really cool. With them, you easily can incorporate outboard gear into your recording chain. Connect external EQs, Compressors, Mic Preamps, FX units, etc… right into your recording chain with just a couple of 1/4″ TRS cables – and still use the amazing pre-amps on the iD44 ?

Loopback is also included. And with it you can easily record computer based audio into your DAW, or use it to send DAW audio into something like OBS for screen recording or streaming.

Loopback is useful for the audio professional, and indispensable for content creators, podcasting, gaming, and streaming. Trust me, you are GOING to NEED it!

With the on-screen iD Mixer, you can setup your low-latency monitor mix, do all of your routing, setup Cue mixes, and activate the Functions of the iD44 MKII (Talkback, Mute, etc…) Of course you can also activate these Functions right from the buttons on the iD44 MKII unit.

We’ll cover everything in this single video. Use the Chapters to navigate to the sections you are most interested in.


Head over to Audient.com to go over all the tech specs.

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