April 11, 2024

Heavyocity DAMAGE DRUM KIT – Mix Ready Madness


Heavyocity DAMAGE DRUM KIT is what you reach for when you need to bring devastation to your tracks.

It includes three different NKIs/Instruments: Drum Ensemble Designer, Drum Kit Designer, and the Loop Designer.

In each instrument you also have full control over the samples or loops loaded, and a full array of built-in effects, including the inimitable PUNISH knob.

DAMAGE DRUM KIT runs in Native Instruments KONTAKT, either the full version or the free Kontakt Player. The sample library weights in at 11.08GB on disk (24GB uncompressed).

These drums work in a wide array of styles: metal, industrial, hardcore, cinematic, trailers, underscores, etc…

Checkout the video below for a full rundown of each instrument, and listen to the demo section to get an idea of what these epic drums can do.


Check it out further at Heavyocity.com and buy it right now at Plugin Boutique, Best Service, or Sweetwater

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