MXL USB .006 Microphone Review

MXL USB .006 Condenser Microphone REVEALED

Testing the MXL USB .006 USB Microphone. We’ll test it from different distances and hear raw and processed samples. The processed samples are run through iZotope Nectar 2. These tests are for voice only. For applications like narration, podcasts, YouTube videos, and the like. 

This mic comes with a protective case, wind screen (which is useless), a mount, and small stand. This mic runs off of USB power, so no need for phantom power. This is a USB microphone, NOT XLR. 

Some may call this a large diaphragm condenser microphone. But, since the diaphragm is 22mm (under an inch), I refer to it as a medium diaphragm condenser. 

The MXL USB .006 is a cardioid condenser microphone




This is a USB microphone NOT XLR