June 22, 2024

How to use the Evo4 with an iPhone or iPad

Evo 4 Audio Interface

The Evo 4 is a versatile audio interface that we have covered previously with a standard computer.

But it also works with an iPad or iPhone with Lightning port, you’ll just need a couple adapters first.

You’ll need a USB adapter, often called a Camera Adapter, and a powered USB Hub.

USB/Camera Adapter

Connect the USB/Camera adapter to the iPad/iPhone.

Connect the powered USB Hub to the USB/Camera adapter.

Connect the Evo 4 to the USB Hub. You could also connect a MIDI keyboard to the USB Hub.

Since the USB/Camera adapter also has a Lightning port, you can charge the iPad/iPhone at the same time.

Pretty cool.


You don’t necessarily need the same exact products, but before you buy a really cheap USB/Camera Adapter, make sure it is compatible with audio interfaces, some of them are not.

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