July 17, 2024

How To Use Retrospective Recording in Studio One 6

Retrospective Record is a way to capture a performance without even hitting Record.

Retrospective Record is useful for those times when you’re playing your MIDI Keyboard and you come up with an awesome progression or a catchy hook – Studio One has your back 👍

Instead of going back, hitting Record, and trying to re-create your performance – just use Retrospective Recording to pop your original performance onto your Instrument track.

To use Retrospective Recording:

Press SHIFT + * (asterisk on the NUM Pad only)

You can also check the Track Inspector to use Retrospective Recording without using the keyboard shortcut.

Or you can re-program the shortcut if you wish.

Watch the video to see Retrospective Recording in action and to learn more information about this great feature in Studio One 6.


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