July 17, 2024

UGRITONE is Shutting Down, AI and more News from the Music Software Industry

The metal powerhouse plugin maker Ugritone is shutting down 😱

Read their farewell letter:

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Seeing these guys shut down further re-iterates a topic I have been talking about for a year now – the coming AI paradigm shift in the music software industry and the pivot to subscriptions.

Of course AI alone is not the only issue facing Ugritone or other smaller companies/teams who make plugins.

You also have to deal with oversaturation in the plugin market, Private Equity firms taking over many plugin companies, out-sourcing of programming, and many more obstacles.

In the video below we discuss the news that metal plugin maker Ugritone is shutting down, the AI paradigm shift, the state of the audio software industry, plugin oversaturation, how AI is affecting plugin development, why software is going subscription, the benonistudio YouTube channel, editing trends on YouTube, and more information you need to know.


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