July 17, 2024

3 MUST-KNOW Ways to Move/Transpose MIDI in Studio One without Dragging

PreSonus Studio One is awesome because so much stuff is a simple drag & drop, but dragging MIDI isn’t always the best or fastest way to move it around.

Sometimes when you’re dragging MIDI you may accidentally move it out of time, or forget to grab a some notes, or otherwise just mess it up.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO DRAG MIDI to get it to the note you want!

Whether you want to transpose up/down an octave or semi-tones, there are several ways to do it in Studio One 6.

The 3 MUST-KNOW ways to move MIDI around are:

  • 1 Transpose a MIDI Clip
  • 2 Transpose with the Musical Functions Window
  • 3 Move MIDI with your Computer Keyboard

Once you learn these 3 ways to move/transpose your MIDI, you’ll be able to edit MIDI much faster and more accurately.

Checkout the video below to see these 3 MUST-KNOW tips


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