July 17, 2024

PreSonus Gets the DAW Subscription Right with Studio One+ Hybrid

All software is going subscription, and PreSonus gets it RIGHT with the Studio One+ Hybrid plan.

I know most people hate subscriptions for their DAW and plugins, but that’s usually because subscriptions don’t offer any real value over owning. But PreSonus has changed the game by offering a FULL perpetual license that you get to keep and use forever – even if you unsubscribe 👍 And they do it at a price that is much lower than many other DAWs that don’t give you a perpetual license.

With the Studio One+ Hybrid Plan, you’ll get Studio One Pro and all updates for a year, all the plugins, all the sample and loop packs, online collaboration and cloud storage and much more for only (currently) $179.99/per year.

But the really cool thing with the Hybrid Plan is even if you cancel your subscription after a year, you’ll keep a full license for the latest version of Studio One Pro that you had access to.

This is a non-updating license, so if some new features come out that you want you’ll need to resubscribe or purchase a Pro to Pro upgrade.

But having the peace of mind that you won’t get locked out of your DAW if you cancel your subscription is a HUGE thing.

Of course you can still buy Studio One Pro outright, but the new Hybrid subscription plan will be a better value for most people.

Here’s a comparison chart


➡️Check out Studio One+ Hybrid here

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