December 2, 2022

How to Trash Preferences in Pro Tools

How to Trash Preferences in Pro Tools (Windows)

When you get errors in Pro Tools and the solution is not obvious, the first troubleshooting step is to trash preferences.

You will lose all non-default settings, so take notes and back-up anything you don’t want to lose.

Trash Pro Tools Preferences

  1. Go to C:
  2. Show Hidden Items
  3. Users Folder
  4. ‘Your User Name Folder’
  5. AppData Folder
  6. Roaming Folder
  7. Avid Folder
  8. Delete the Pro Tools Folder

Empty TRASH and restart your computer. Launch Pro Tools.

Remember to backup the contents of the Pro Tools folder before deleting if there are things you want to keep.

The first step in troubleshooing Pro Tools is to trash preferences.

Try trashing preferences when you have errors with Pro Tools or plugins.

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