May 20, 2024


The new Shure SM7dB is the microphone you should get. It sounds the same as the legendary Shure SM7B, except it has the In-Line Pre-amp (Cloudlifter) built-in! Perfect for Podcasting, YouTube, Voice Over, Narration, Gaming, and the Recording Studio.

Overall, the SM7dB and SM7B are the same microphone. The differences are the SM7dB has a preamp (Cloudlifter) built-in, it’s a bit darker (in body color), the rear EQ switches are actually switches, and it’s slightly longer. Other than that, it sounds the same, the Unidyne III design is the same, and it comes with the same normal and close-talk windscreens.

The preamp (Cloudlifter) built-in to the Shure SM7dB is switchable from +18 to +28dB making it perfect for those who want more color from their audio interface preamps or for louder sources.

You can also completely BYPASS the built-in preamp, and then use the SM7dB in the same way you would the SM7B. If your interface already has enough gain or you are recording a loud source like a guitar cabinet – you can use the SM7dB completely passive, like every other dynamic microphone.

The Frequency Response switches on the rear of the SM7dB are normal switches now that you can switch with just your fingers. On the SM7B you had to use a flat head screw driver or other tool in order to change the settings (Bass Rolloff, Presence Boost, Flat). With the SM7dB you can easily make changes at anytime without needing tools.

If you have been looking for an SM7B, then you’ll want to get the SM7dB.
An SM7B plus a Cloudlifter is more expensive than just the SM7dB. And with a Cloudlifter, you have to make space to set it on your desk, and you’ll need to use two XLR cables.

While with the SM7dB, everything is built-in, and all you need is a single XLR cable. You don’t lose anything by purchasing the Shure SM7dB, you only GAIN!


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