July 17, 2024

PRO TOOLS 2020.11 – Turn AUDIO into MIDI

PRO TOOLS 2020.11

Pro Tools 2020.11 has introduced a new feature in partnership with Celemony that allows you to turn your audio tracks into MIDI ?

Celemony Melodyne 5 is required for this feature to work, and will be provided for free (Melodyne 5 Essential) to Pro Tools users who are current on their license.

You can find this setting in:


Look for Celemony ARA, and confirm your Audio to MIDI Plug-In is set.

There are several ways to use this new feature.

You could Right-Click an Audio track, and use Copy Audio as MIDI.

Or, you could simply drag an Audio clip into a MIDI or Instrument track.

Or, you could select a track or tracks, and go to TRACK > EXTRACT MIDI TO NEW TRACK.

This feature has so many different uses, from the obvious, to extremely creative.

You could convert Drum Audio tracks into MIDI, and re-do those tracks with your favorite drum virtual instrument.

You could take a piano audio track, extract the MIDI, and use a Violin instrument in KONTAKT to create a harmony, or of course, use another piano instrument.

You could take a vocal track, extract the MIDI, and have it trigger a synth, or piano, or strings, etc…

There’s no limit to what you can do, just be creative with it.

Check out the video to see AUDIO TO MIDI in action.


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