July 17, 2024

DaVinci Resolve – How to use Adjustment Clips and Edit Faster

DaVinci Resolve – Adjustment Clips

Adjustment clips in DaVinci Resolve let you apply adjustments (Zoom/Scale, Position, Keyframes, FX, etc…) to them instead of directly on a video clip.

This allows you to quickly re-use your work by copying the adjustment clip and placing it on top of another video clip.

If you were to spend a lot of time creating a specific effect that you need to re-use, just create it on an Adjustment Clip. You can then copy that clip anywhere on the timeline.

You can also drag Adjustment Clips to your Media Pool for re-use.

Adjustment Clips are a great way to save time and edit faster.

You’ll find Adjustment Clips in your Effects Library 

DaVinci Resolve is a completely free video editor.

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