July 17, 2024



This new reverb plugin from Baby Audio is mind-blowing ?

Baby Audio Crystalline is a beautiful sounding reverb with every option you could ever want to shape your reverb.

Since this is an algorithmic reverb it’s not meant to model a specific space, like a convolution reverb does.

It also avoids that “metallic” sound of many algorithmic reverbs – and gives you full control over the sound of your reverb.

This reverb has more than enough parameters to create hundreds of different reverb sounds. Need something short and gated? No problem. Need something long and atmospheric? No problem!

You can easily adjust the size of the space, increase high reflections, go from mono to super wide, shape the top and bottom of the reverb, add modulation, shimmer, and a lot more.

Crystalline also includes ducking, to get the reverb out of the way, and reverse and freeze controls for the ultimate in reverb sound design.

The interface is also quiet pleasing to work with, Baby Audio always creates innovative and beautiful interfaces – but, above all, this thing sounds amazing!

What Crystalline can do for vocals is simply awe inspiring. And it works just as well on any other source. Create an immersive atmosphere for pianos, or an 80’s gated snare, or a simple echo for guitar, or even a full on cinematic world for strings. It just works so well on everything.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Everyone should check this out.

Watch the video to see and hear CRYSTALLINE in action.

BABY AUDIO Crystalline is VST, AU, and AAX compatible.

Get it at BABY AUDIO

Or Plugin Boutique

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