May 20, 2024

Waves Pianos & Keys – Everything You Need To Know

Waves Pianos & Keys bundle includes 5 deeply sampled piano Instruments. You can also get these virtual instruments in the Waves Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection, or buy just the ones you want.

Each piano comes with two versions of the sample library – a Standard Definition version (SD) and a High Definition version (HD).

Of course the SD version is smaller in size and the HD version is larger. Use the SD version if your computer is low on resources, and use the HD version when you want the highest quality sound. You choose to install one or both of the sample libraries.

Each of the pianos includes FX and other various controls to dial in your sound. The exact FX vary between pianos, see the video below for a full walk-through.

The included instruments are:

Instead of going on and on describing the pianos, the best way to see if you want to buy these instruments is to actually hear them!

So, checkout this video, the first 5 minutes or so has NO TALKING, and the rest of the video will give an overview of each of the instruments.


All of the pianos are VST, AU, and AAX compatible, and you can also use them Standalone (no DAW).

Buy just the one(s) you want, or get them all in a bundle.

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