May 20, 2024

Use Pro Tools without an Audio Interface

How to Use Pro Tools without an ASIO Interface

Usually Pro Tools requires an ASIO interface to record and playback. The audio would then be routed through the ASIO interface. But, if you want to use your internal PC sound system, then there is ASIO4ALL. Nothing wrong with ASIO4ALL, but it can be complicated for some, or it may not work.

Enter FL Studio. Image Line has their own ASIO driver that is low latency, multi-client, AND STABLE!

You can use the FL Studio ASIO driver with Pro Tools! Just install the trial of FL Studio if you don’t own it. That will install the FL Studio ASIO driver. Launch Pro Tools, and choose the FL Studio ASIO driver for the playback engine. Now you can use Pro Tools without an audio interface!

FL Studio ASIO being used with Pro Tools on Windows

You can mix, master, use your plugins, record MIDI, all without an ASIO interface. Great for laptops and the Microsoft Surface.

You can also record a USB microphone into Pro Tools when using the FL Studio ASIO driver.

In my experience, the FL Studio ASIO driver works better than other ASIO drivers, and it’s more stable. So go check it out.

Download the FL Studio trial and ASIO driver

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