April 12, 2024

The ULTIMATE Guide to Understand FL Studio

The Ultimate Guide to Understand
FL Studio

FL Studio is different from almost every other DAW. When you have experience with a DAW like Pro Tools, Studio One, Cubase, etc… You will probably find FL Studio hard to wrap your mind around.

When you realize that Tracks are not tied to Mixer channels, and that Tracks can have anything on them (audio, MIDI, automation) or even layered on top of each other – it can be hard to understand how everything is routed.

This video will clear everything up and show exactly how FL Studio works, and how you can use it to create a song fast.

In this video I am assuming you have experience with other DAW’s. This tutorial is different from other FL Studio tutorials out there. I am not trying to show you “how to do X”, though you will learn that along the way.

We will be focusing on the philosophy of FL Studio and how it’s different from other DAW’s. So don’t stop with tutorial, there are many features of FL Studio I won’t even touch on in this video,

You will learn how to use the Channel Rack, create Patterns, arrange Patterns in the Playlist, record audio, use plugins, use virtual instruments, use MIDI, and route the sounds in your Channel Rack to channels in your Mixer.

So, if you’ve ever tried to record something in FL Studio and you didn’t understand why it was not tied to a track or mixer channel, this video is for you.

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