Pro Tools – Bypass ALL Plugins & More

Pro Tools - Bypass ALL Plugins & More

Bypassed Plugins

How to bypass ALL plugins in Pro Tools with one shortcut, plus how to bypass only the EQ’s, or Reverbs, or Compressors, etc…

You need to know these shortcuts!

Bypassing plugins in Pro Tools to hear your mix unaffected can be time consuming, well, NO MORE!

Use these simple shortcuts to quickly bypass your plugins. You can even use these shortcuts while playing back to quickly A-B the changes made with your plugins.

Pro Tools Keyboard Shortcuts to Bypass/Un-Bypass plugins on Selected Tracks

Hold SHIFT for each shortcut

  • A = ALL
    2 = Inserts A-E
    3 = Inserts F-J
    E = EQ
    V = REVERB
    D = DELAY
Download the Cheat Sheet Info-graphic
Pro Tools Shortcuts Bypass Plugins Cheat Sheet

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