April 7, 2024

Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT-3PRO Bass Amp Plugin

Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT-3PRO

The Ampeg SVT-3PRO is an absolute classic, and Brainworx has managed to capture the tone of this enviable bass amp and fashion it into a plugin.

This bass amp has TONE, and lots of it!

The interface of this plugin is a replica of the real amp, so you’ll find all of the controls you would find on the real unit.

Use the Bright switch to add +6dB @ 2 kHz to the input signal.

Use the Hi switch to boost 5 kHz by 6dB.

Use the Lo switch to boost 40 Hz by 2 dB and cut 500 Hz by 10dB.

The Midrange control has 5 selectable frequency centers to help you dial in that perfect bass tone:

  • 1=220 Hz
  • 2=450 Hz
  • 3=800 Hz
  • 4=1.6 kHz
  • 5=3 kHz

The FX RACK includes a Noise Gate, Tight & Smooth Filters, Power Soak, Speaker Horn emulation, and of course top-notch Recording Chains (impulse responses)

Watch this video to learn everything you want to know about the Plugin Alliance Ampeg SVT-3PRO and hear what this beast sounds like.

Check out the Ampeg SVT-3PRO plugin here

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