June 22, 2024

Plugin Alliance Ampeg B-15N Bass Amp Plugin – Review & Demo

Plugin Alliance Ampeg B-15N

Plugin Alliance is back with another bass amp, this time the classic Ampeg B-15N Heritage. 

As you’ve come to expect, the quality of this plugin is second-to-none. 

The plugin was expertly modeled by Brainworx and is officially endorsed by Ampeg.

The B-15N plugin has 2 different input circuits. The 1964 inputs is based on a 25-Watt cathode biased circuit, and the 1966 input is based on a 30-Watt fixed bias circuit.

All of the usually controls you’ve come to expect are there as well, such as, a Noise Gate, Tight & Smooth filters, Power Amp Soak, and the venerable Recording Chains.

Check out the video to see all of the controls, what they mean, how they work, and hear a bunch of samples as well.

Plugin Alliance Ampeg B-15N website

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