June 22, 2024

How To Get That Joe Rogan Podcast Sound with the Shure SM7B

How To Get That Joe Rogan Podcast Sound w/ the Shure SM7B

Joe Rogan is the most well known podcaster of all time, and in this video we’ll use the Shure SM7B microphone and some plugins to emulate that podcast sound.

We’ll use several plugins like a noise gate, de-esser, eq, compressor, and limiter to nail the sound.

I’ll also show you the equipment you need like an audio interface with lots of pre-amp gain, and a separate pre-amp. The Shure SM7B requires at least 60dB of gain.

At the end of the video I’ll show you a few more plugins that will make your audio sound even better than the Joe Rogan podcast!

We’ll be using iZotope Nectar 3 for the majority of the production process, but I will also show how you can use separate plugins or a channel strip plugin to accomplish the same thing.

nectar 3 eq
seperate plugins
omni channel pro tools

0:00 – Intro
0:53 – The Setup

(Nectar 3)
6:53 – The Noise Gate
10:01 – The De-esser
11:32 – The EQ
20:12 – The Compressor and Limiter

31:23 – Using Multiple Plugins

34:41 – Using a Channel Strip Plugin

39:17 – The Next Level

Nectar 3 Presets

Download a selection of our personal Dialogue presets for iZotope Nectar 3.


benonistudio Nectar 3 Dialogue Presets

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