April 11, 2024

Emotive Strings – The Definitive Guide

Emotive Strings – The Definitive Guide

The full guide to Emotive Strings from Native Instruments & Sonuscore.

Emotive Strings is a cinematic string library that is perfect for emotional, melodic, and suspenseful compositions. The library contains 175 phrases that were played by a live, full orchestra.

Emotive Strings will take up about 20GB on your hard drive, and it runs in Native Instruments Kontakt.

In this video I’ll go over everything covered in the manual. You’ll learn how to play the phrases, switch phrases with your triggers, use the phrase modes, employ velocity, how to switch Themes and Phrases, and everything else. You will learn it ALL in this one single video.

You can purchase Emotive Strings alone or get it with Komplete Ultimate.

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