July 17, 2024

BFD3 Multiple Outputs

Record Drums Into your DAW

In this video I’ll show you how to record the drums from BFD3 onto individual tracks in your DAW so you can mix like you had recorded a live drum kit in your room and use your favorite plugins.

BFD3 includes several effects, but if you wish to use your own plugins, BFD3, from FXpansion, includes multiple outputs so you can route each drum mic and ambient mic out of BFD3 and into individual tracks in your DAW. There are also shortcuts for routing, an easy way to bypass all effects of BFD3, routing in mono or stereo, drum bleed control, and much more. Not only can you record each drum into your DAW, I’ll also show you how to use AUX tracks in your DAW to mix with your own plugins without recording the drums.


I will be using Pro Tools for the host/DAW, but this process is similar for other DAWs.

This video starts with a basic 3 minute tutorial and expands from there into more in-depth segments. The timecode of each segment is listed below for easy navigation.

0:00 – Just The Basics
3:19 – Mono Or Stereo
8:13 – Channel Routing Shortcuts
19:37 – Aux, Drum Mix, and Direct Mic Output
22:19 – Ambient Mics
28:15 – Effects On or Off
32:51 – Sends And Aux Channels
35:18 – Drum Bleed
36:27 – Advanced Drum Kit Routing
42:44 – Putting It All Together
52:34 – Mix With Aux Tracks (No Recording)

FXpansion BFD3

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