July 17, 2024

BABY AUDIO SMOOTH OPERATOR – Intelligent Signal Balancer


BABY AUDIO Smooth Operator is an easy to use, intelligent signal balancer plugin.

It combines EQ, Spectral Compression, and Resonance Suppression all in one plugin.

Use it to enhance clarity, reduce fatiguing frequencies, and balance your tracks.

Set your Threshold with the center node, then raise or lower the other nodes to shape the curve.

Raise a node to reduce the effect in that frequency range, lower a node to effect that range more.

Use your mouse wheel to adjust the Q (width) of each band.

Engage the Solo button and hover over a node to solo that band.

Change the Focus to be more or less surgical around each band.

There’s even a Side-Chain to allow another track to control the effect on a different track.

It’s sort of like multi-band compression, but more flexible – check out the video below to see and hear it in action.

Hear more samples and pick it up at the Baby Audio website

Or Plugin Boutique

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