July 17, 2024

Zoom H6 – Record Inputs 1&2 or 3&4 in Stereo

Zoom H6 – Record Inputs in Stereo

On the Zoom H6, when you normally arm a channel to record, each channel will be recorded to an individual mono file.

However, you can link channels in a stereo pair and record a single stereo file.

To link channels 1&2 and/or 3&4, press and hold one button, then press the other button and the channels will be linked in a stereo pair which you can see on the monitor.

To return to mono channels, repeat the process.

If you arm channel 3 and 4 and record, you will get 2 Mono files

If you link channels 3&4 and record, you will get a single Stereo file

two single mono files Zoom H6
one single stereo file Zoom H6

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