July 24, 2024

What Plugins You CAN Use in Pro Tools | First

Why You Can’t Find Your Plugins
in Pro Tools First

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Where are my plugins in Pro Tools First?

As you can see, I have a very limited amount of plugins available here.

But, if I open the full version of Pro Tools, you’ll see I have access to all of the plugins that I own.

So why can’t I use all of my plugins in Pro Tools First?

The reason is, Pro Tools First ONLY supports plugins that are included with it, or purchased from within the Avid Marketplace, or your Avid Account.

This means you CAN NOT buy plugins directly from Waves.com, AudioDeluxe, Sweetwater, etc… and use them in PT First. You could however use them in the full version of Pro Tools.

What about VSTs?

Well, no version of Pro Tools supports the VST format. ALL versions of Pro Tools only use the AAX format for plugins.

Interestingly, the location for all of your AAX plugins will be the same for all Avid Products.

Meaning, the full version or Pro Tools, Pro Tools First, and even Media Composer, all look for AAX plugins in the same location.

However, Pro Tools First CANNOT use these plugins unless they were purchased through the Avid Marketplace.

Pro Tools First is a feature reduced free version of Pro Tools, you can think of it like a ‘Feemium’ app.

You can use basic features for free, but if you want add-ons you have to buy those individually, directly from the app maker.

I couldn’t buy more features for InShot from Adobe for example, or vice versa.

The point of Pro Tools First is to let you use the basic features of Pro Tools and get use to the workflow without having to purchase a subscription or perpetual license.

If you like what you see and want more features, you would then purchase a license for the full version and unlock, currently, about 115 included plugins, hundreds of advanced features, and of course the ability to use any thrid-party AAX plugins, no matter where they are purchased from.

So, that’s why you cant find your plugins in Pro Tools First.

They must be included with the software, or purchased from the Avid Marketplace.

Avid Marketplace in Avid Link

Even if you own a FULL, PAID version of Pro Tools, your plugins WILL NOT work in Pro Tools First if they were not purchased through the Avid Marketplace.

It’s a built-in limitation. If you want to use third-party plugins in Pro Tools First, you must buy them from the Avid Marketplace. Or, upgrade to the full version of Pro Tools and use any AAX plugins that you want, purchased from wherever you want.

NOTE: Pro Tools First does come with several plugins. Some of them need to be installed separately from the DAW. You can find your plugins in your MyAvid account and in Avid Link.

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