July 17, 2024

Waves Space Rider Review + FREE PRESETS!


Exploring the Cosmos of Sound with WAVES SPACE RIDER

In an industry that’s constantly on the hunt for the next groundbreaking tool to propel music production into new frontiers, Waves has once again made a splash with its latest offering—the WAVES SPACE RIDER plugin. Built for musicians, producers, and sound alchemists who dare to defy the conventional, the SPACE RIDER opens up a universe of sonic possibilities, allowing creators to sculpt soundscapes that are truly out of this world.

If you have used the excellent BABY AUDIO Spaced Out, then you will be familiar with this type of multi-effect plugin.

A Portal to Sonic Innovation

At its core, SPACE RIDER is a testament to Waves’ dedication to innovation and quality. This audio plugin serves as a celestial chariot, carrying your sounds across the expanses of the auditory cosmos. Its intuitive design fosters an environment where creativity meets functionality, permitting even those new to audio manipulation to engage with complexity without feeling overwhelmed.

Features that Fuel Creativity

SPACE RIDER comes loaded with a suite of features that empower you to manipulate sound with unparalleled precision:

  • Ethereal Reverbs: The plugin comes packed with a variety of reverb settings, giving you the ability to envelop your tracks in a cloak of rich, atmospheric tail. From small room simulations to expansive galactic halls, the reverbs within SPACE RIDER are diverse and adaptable.
  • Dynamic Delays: Pushing the envelope further, the dynamic delay options ensure your sonic creations pulse with rhythmic vitality. Sync them to your track’s tempo or let them run wild for a more avant-garde approach.
  • Modulation Mastery: Modulation is where SPACE RIDER shines brightest. Whether you’re after a subtle shimmer or a complete seismic shift in your sound’s texture, the plugin’s modulation matrix offers endless avenues to morph and evolve your audio.

The Gateway to Hypnotic Tracks

The power of SPACE RIDER lies in its ability to transform mundane mixes into mesmerizing musical landscapes. It serves as a catalyst for creativity, where even the simplest note or rhythm can be expanded into a hypnotic reverie that captivates the listener.

Journey into the Future of Sound

The WAVES SPACE RIDER plugin is a sonic spaceship awaiting your command. Navigate the nebulae of noise, soar past planets of pulse-pounding percussion, and explore the expanses of expressive audio. With SPACE RIDER, your production setup is now equipped with the power to breach the bounds of the auditory universe.

As you harness the capabilities of SPACE RIDER, you aren’t just mixing sound; you’re curating an interstellar experience. In the realm of music production, such a tool isn’t merely an advantage—it’s a necessity. Embrace the future of sound with WAVES SPACE RIDER, and let your music transcend the terrestrial.




To get you started on your journey into the cosmos, Waves has included several presets from top producers. However, most of the time you’re going to want a ducked reverb and delay to nail that classic sound. This simple trick works wonders on vocals, but it also works on……EVERYTHING else! Which is why I have create two presets called “THE PRESET” and “THE PRESET 2

Simply adjust the MIX amount for what you prefer and that’s basically all you need to do most of the time with these presets. Plus, they work on ANY source! They shine on vocals, but work just as well on drums, guitar, piano, strings, anything! Watch the video to hear them in action.

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