March 3, 2024

iZOTOPE VEA (Voice Enhancement Assistant) – Review

iZOTOPE VEA is perfect for podcasters and content creators (i.e. YouTubers) who want a professional voice-over, narration, vlog, or podcast voice sound – without spending thousands of dollars on separate compressors, EQs, and noise reducers. And it’s for those who want professional results fast, and without the need for years of experience in the audio field.

VEA will analyze your exact sound and set all the hard stuff for you in the background. All you have to do is use the three knobs to dial in your preferred sound.

Clean – will remove that unwanted background noise and clean your sound.
Shape – is like the EQ, but without having to adjust nodes. The curve is set for you, just dial in the amount of polish you want.
Boost – is like the Dynamics section or compressor section. It will even out your voice, and boost it up to a professional level.

Plus, you can use the FREE AudioLens to capture the curve/sound/tone of your favorite podcaster or content creator and effortlessly replicate that sound for your voice.

VEA takes parts of iZotope RX, Ozone, and Nectar, and combines them all in this single, easy to use plugin.

VEA works equally as well in your DAW as it does in your NLE (video editor)
It’s VST, AU, and AAX compatible, so it works with everything.

You can also get a free 10-day fully functional trial over at the iZOTOPE website.


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