June 22, 2024

Waves Eddie Kramer Drums – The Definitive Guide

Waves Eddie Kramer Drums – The Definitive Guide

The Waves Eddie Kramer Drums plugin is a multi-effect plugin made just for drums. This single plugin includes different modes for all of the main types of drums: Bass Drum (kick), Snare, Hi-Hat, Toms, Overheads, and Room.

Using the plugin is easy and straight-forward.

Place the Eddie Kramer Drums plugin across all of your drum tracks.

Choose the proper mode for the track you are mixing (i.e. choose SNR if the plugin is on the snare track), adjust a few knobs to find the sound you like best, and you’re done. It’s really fast and it sounds great.

Each mode (BD, SNR, HH, etc…) has different eq shapes and compression settings that work perfectly for each drum. But, you don’t have to use corresponding modes for the type of drum you are working on if you don’t want to. If using the TOMS mode sounds best for the snare track, you can do that too.

In this video I’ll go over the interface and all of the modes. We’ll look at how the plugin actually works and see the different EQ shapes. And finally, I’ll mix a full drum track using only the Eddie Kramer Drums channel on all of the drums and then sweeten it up with some SSL compressor glue, and Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain magic.

The Eddie Kramer Drum Channel can be bought as a single plugin or as part of the Eddie Kramer Signature Series. It’s also included in several Waves bundles like, Gold, Platinum, etc…

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