April 13, 2024

How to Upgrade WAVES Plugins and Bundles to Save BIG

How to Upgrade WAVES Plugins and Bundles to Save BIG $$$

Because Waves has so many different bundles (Gold, Platinum, Mercury, etc…) and they are made up of single plugins that you can buy separately, Waves offers reduced pricing when you want to upgrade from single plugins to a bundle, or from a lower bundle (like Gold) to a higher bundle (like Diamond).


Head to Waves.com and go to ‘My Account’

Click the ‘Upgrades’ link

From the Upgrades page, select the plugins and/or bundles that you own that you would like to upgrade, and check your results.

Keep in mind that the price you see is related to which plugins you want to upgrade to a bundle and how many plugins you want to upgrade.

The same is true for bundles. If you have Platinum, your upgrade to Horizon will be less expensive than if you have Gold, for example.

Also, the price is affected by the CURRENT sale price for each bundle.

So anytime Waves has bundles on sale, that’s a good time to upgrade.

If you have Waves voucher codes, coupon codes, or My Rewards codes, you can paste those in on the checkout page and get your final price before you checkout.

Don’t pay for your plugins twice!

Use the Upgrades system at Waves to save on the tools you need for your studio.


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