May 20, 2024

Ugritone KVLT DRUMS II Expanded – How to Set Sample Location


If you ever get an error using KVLT DRUMS II that says it cannot find your samples, all you need to do is locate them and link them in Settings.

The default location for the samples (on Windows) is:

C: > ProgramData > Ugritone

Before you can find this location, you need to Show Hidden Items

Open the Settings tab in KVLT DRUMS II, and browse to the location.

Choose the parent Ugritone Folder.

Once linked, KVLT DRUMS II will scan and load the samples, and you can get back to rocking.

You can also change the location of the sample folder by dragging it (move or copy) to a different folder or drive.

Once you copy the content over, you can delete it from the default location.

Then head back to Settings, and set the new location.

Watch the video to see this in real time.


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