July 17, 2024

Total Studio Control & Streaming on Mac with Ginger Audio GroundControl ROOM

GroundControl ROOM

Control your entire studio with Ground Control ROOM. It makes it easy to switch between audio interfaces, or combine audio interfaces and system sounds. Then, you can setup 4 different sets of studio monitors and speakers, including Bluetooth speakers for the output. If you want an easy way to check your mix on multiple speakers, this is it.

Add plugins to each input and output.

Create virtual cables to route audio from (almost) any app into GC ROOM.

Use the Cue output to send a different mix to an artist, and use the talkback input to speak to them directly in their headphones.

And you can use GroundControl ROOM to capture sound from your DAW or system audio and route it into OBS or any other streaming or screen recording app.

There’s much more you can do with GroundControl ROOM, but we’ll get you up and running with the video below. You can also download the free trial and experiment for yourself.


If you are more into podcasting or live streaming, you can also checkout GroundControl CASTER.

Pickup the free GroundControl Cube (it’s similar to GC ROOM but more limited) by signing up to the newsletter.

Get GroundControl ROOM here

And read the Getting Started with GroundControl ROOM manual here

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