July 24, 2024

iZotope MORPH ONE May Change the Way We Make Music Forever


iZotope MORPH ONE is a total GAME CHANGER!

What does it do? With Morph One you can turn one instrument into another instrument. You can even use your voice!

Imagine humming a melody and creating an entire orchestral track.

Imagine saying “chug, chug” into a mic and turning it in to a blazing metal guitar track ?

This is possible with iZotope Morph One. Really.

Currently, Morph One is experimental, beta software – but as the algorithms become more advanced, we could be in for a future where music, entire complex albums with all kinds of ‘instruments’, can be made with nothing more than your mouth ?

But it’s more than just changing your voice into an instrument. You can also make one instrument sound like a different instrument. Change a guitar into a Bass. Change a synth into a bamboo flute, for example.

The technology behind Morph One is impressive, and it’s only going to get better with time.

iZOTOPE MORPH ONE could truly change the way we make music, forever.


iZotope MORPH ONE is currently only available for those who subscribe to the iZotope Music Production Suite Pro, but you can also check out the free trial to get access.

Learn more about it here:


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