July 17, 2024

The Two Different Kinds of Plugins in Pro Tools

PRO TOOLS | The Two Different Kinds of Plugins LIKE A BOSS!

The two different kinds of plugins in Pro Tools – real time inserts effects (live), and AudioSuite effects (render).

Most of the time we will be using live, insert effects so we can continually make changes to the plugin(s), and hear the effect in real time without having to create a new audio file.

But, AudioSuite effects can be a real time-saver, or perhaps the only way to accomplish a certain kind of effect.

With AudioSuite plugins, we can preview the sound of the effect, adjust the plugin like normal insert effects, and when you find the setting you want – just render the new clip. Now, your clip will have the attributes of the plugin, but there will be no plugin on the clip (you have a new audio file).

You can effect single clips, multiple clips, whole clips, or a part of a clip with AudioSuite plugins. Try them out, sometimes they can be much easier to use than trying to draw in complicated automation for example.

AudioSuite Plugin List


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