April 17, 2024

SampleTank 3 Cinematic Percussion IN DEPTH

IK Multimedia SampleTank 3 Cinematic Percussion IN DEPTH

In this video we look at and hear every instrument that is included with CINEMATIC PERCUSSION from IK MULTIMEDIA for SAMPLETANK 3. We will also look at the included patterns and loops. You will hear EVERY instrument and also hear several of the patterns and loops. This video focuses on “What’s Included”.

You get quiet a lot with this add-on for SampleTank 3, and the samples sound fantastic. The inclusion of patterns and loops make this library very quick to work with in building up your epic, cinematic track.

ik cine waterphone
ik cine big hits
ik cine metal percussion
ik cine toms
ik cine takio drums
ik cine djembes
ik cine nagara drums
ik cine madal drums
ik cine Kendang drums
ik cine frame drums
ik cine gongs
ik cine chan chans

Check out Cinematic Percussion here

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