July 17, 2024

Plugin Alliance DIEZEL HERBERT High Gain Metal Montser

Plugin Alliance Diezel Herbert

Plugin Alliance have released what will surely become a “must-have” amp plugin for those who crave the heaviest of tones.

The Diezel Herbert is a modern metal MONSTER. This has more gain than you could ever need. In fact, you could really just use Channel 2 in the ‘+’ position and have more gain than you can handle ?

But, this amp also has a very clean Channel 1. So even if you are not interested in super high-gain, this amp still has something for you.

Comparing the Herbert to the VH4 there are a lot of similarities in the tone.

But the Herbert has a different sound in the mids. The Mid-Cut control allows you to dial in that BRUTAL tone perfect for Djent, Death Metal, Nu Metal, Modern Metal and more.

Watch the video below to see all of the controls of this amp, learn how to use it, and hear what it sounds like.

The Diezel Herbert includes a Noise Gate, Tight & Smooth Filters, Delay, Power Soak, and 119 Recording Chains (impulse responses)

All the tools you need to dial in that perfect guitar tone


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