April 9, 2024



The Nembrini Audio QUINTA PITCH MACHINE is more than a simple Octave pitch-shifting guitar pedal plugin.

Based on the T-REX QUINT MACHINE Four-tone generator pedal, the QUINTA PITCH MACHINE lets you add an Octave down, an Octave up, and a Fifth up.

Use one, or use all three intervals at the same time.

Each knob adjusts the level of each interval.

The MIX knob will blend in the overall effect.

Between 30-50% is a good place to start, or for more creative sounds, take it all the way to 100% to completely replace the dry guitar tone.

HIGH Q is a high quality switch.

Turn this OFF while playing live, and turn it ON when mixing or bouncing out your mix.

The reason for this is because HIGH Q will add latency since it’s a higher quality pitch-shifting algorithm. 

With the QUINTA PITCH MACHINE you can easily:

  • Harmonize a scale or lead
  • Get djenty with a 6-string
  • Play power chords with one finger and one string
  • Replicate a 12-string guitar
  • Sound like an organ or synth
  • and more

While the QUINTA PITCH MACHINE is meant for guitar, it also works well on other sources like vocals, bass, synth, strings, and really anything else that can benefit from a harmonized lower Octave, higher Octave, and Fifth interval.

Checkout the video for a full review and demo.


Hear more samples, try the demo, and/or buy it at the Nembrini Audio site

Get Nembrini Audio QUINTA PITCH MACHINE here

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