May 20, 2024

Native Instruments Classic Piano Collection IN DEPTH

Native Instruments Classic Piano Collection IN DEPTH

In this video we take an in depth look at THE CLASSIC PIANO COLLECTION piano library for Kontakt from Native Instruments. We will look at all the options and parameters, to see and hear how they effect the piano tone.

The Classic Piano Collection Akoustik Piano Series includes: Berlin Concert Grand, New York Concert Grand, Vienna Concert Grand, and Upright Piano.

Berlin Concert Grand Native Instruments Classic Piano Collection
Native instruments classic piano collection Vienna Concert Grand
Native instruments classic piano collection Upright piano
new york grand classic piano collection native instruments
Native Instruments Classic Piano Collection 4

The intonation of the NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND is optimized for an easy playing style. Even with very fine keystrokes an impressive sound spectrum is generated, with perfect pianissimo nuances and rich variations. The NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND offers a particularly clear rendition with an amazing degree of flexibility in timbre and dynamics, and is perfect for solo piano, jazz, classical and many other styles.

Overwhelming power, a ‘singing’ sound and a resonance that never quite ends are all characteristics of VIENNA CONCERT GRAND. These sound qualities stem from the unique design of the original. Different strengths of the soundboard in the different layers of bass to treble ensure optimum transfer of string vibrations and allow full power and the finest nuances in all registers – from thundering piano concertos to the softest whisper.

International pianists and designers created the foundations for the BERLIN CONCERT GRAND. Its unique freshness, strength and musicality established new standards worldwide. Utilizing the standard duplex scale, the BERLIN CONCERT GRAND provides enormously expressive power right to the top of the highest treble- truly a charming, magical instrument, vibrant and full of life.

The UPRIGHT PIANO is a traditional, quality piano with a warm, charismatic and compact sound. Time and time again, original artists and critics alike have hailed it as the “Best Concert Piano”. In comparison with the real piano, it easily stands up – the UPRIGHT PIANO reveals a decay and rich sound full of nuances, power and poetry.

The Classic Piano Collection has been discontinued. Read more here

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