April 17, 2024

ENGL E646 VS Tone Stack and Treble Knob SECRETS (Guitar Amp Plugin)

ENGL E646 VS Tone Stack and Treble Knob SECRETS

Looking at the tone stack and treble knob of the ENGL E646 VS from Brainworx and Plugin Alliance.

The ENGL E646 VS is probably the best current guitar amp plugin around. It’s extremely versatile.

It works perfectly for heavy, crushing metal played with an 8 or 9 string guitar – and does equally as well for crystal clean tones.

In this video I’m focusing on the tone stack and the treble knob.

On many amp sims if you take the treble above 7.5 or so, your tone gets very thin, and/or fizzy. However, with the ENGL E646 VS from Brainworx and Plugin Alliance – you can take the treble knob up to 8, 9, or even 10! All without ruining your tone!

Of course this depends on the Recording Chain you are using.

ENGL E646 VS is the single best guitar amp plugin currently available

engl 2
engl e646 vs fx rack 1
engl e646 vs fx rack 2
Recording Chains

Recording Chains are basically impulse responses which is what Brainworx uses instead of choosing a cab and mic and moving it around (like Amplitube for example). The Recording Chain is the full chain of gear you would use while recording a real guitar amp – cabinet, mic, outboard gear, etc…

If a certain Recording Chain sounds a bit muffled or has too thick of a mid response, try pulling up the treble to an extreme amount.

While on many guitar amp plugins this will make your tone too crispy, the ENGL E646 VS responds differently. By pulling up the treble you change the tone of the mids as well! In fact, if you turn Middle Voiced off, pull up the treble, presence, and depth punch, you will get more of an ENGL Powerball sound.

The tone stack of the ENGL E646 VS is worth getting to know. You really can dial in a variety of sounds with this single amp plugin.

Check out the ENGL E646 VS here

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