December 2, 2022

denise PERFECT PLATE XL – The PERFECT Plate Reverb


denise Perfect Plate XL starts with a great plate reverb sound, but then goes much deeper allowing you to control every aspect of your reverb.

Change how quickly the plates vibrate, change the tone from bright to dark, use the EQ to enhance or cut specific frequencies, and even use built in effects to completely change the feel of the reverb.

Use the included RESO, Drive, Rotate, and Detune controls to create a custom atmosphere. You can pull in as much as you want and go completely crazy – which is fun to do with drum loops.

Ducking is also built it.

With the DUCKER, you can tame the reverb while a singer is singing, and let the tail come up in between phrases, for example.

Plate Reverb is a complex sound. Sometimes it can be very metallic and bright, but it can also be hollow and dark, like being inside a giant metal silo.

And Perfect Plate XL will give you all the controls you need to dial in the perfect plate reverb sound.

Check the video to hear it in action.


PERFECT PLATE XL is available at or Plugin Boutique.


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