July 17, 2024

CODA STEALTH Microphone Activator – Full Review


If your dynamic or passive ribbon microphones are suffering from low input levels, it’s probably because your audio interface does not have enough input gain.  

Most audio interfaces out there today have between 40 – 58dB of input gain. That’s more than enough for condenser microphones, but may not be enough for dynamic mics. 

The Shure SM7B for example requires at least 60dB of input gain, and works even better if you have at least 70dB available.    

This is where the CODA STEALTH comes in.  

It can boost your input levels by 28dB, giving you a much stronger input level. This makes your dynamic microphones perform much better, and makes them more versatile. 

Another benefit of the CODA STEALTH is that you don’t have to turn the input gain all the way up on your audio interface, which can introduce preamp noise. 

When you use the STEALTH you will notice your microphones are more sensitive, articulate, clear, and usable. 

You may be able to get away with weak input levels if you are recording, since you can boost the level later. But, if you are streaming or podcasting, you need to get those levels up so people can hear you! And even if you can boost the levels later in POST, your tracks are going to sound much better with healthy input levels. 

Try the STEALTH with microphones like the Rode Procaster, Shure SM58, Shure SM57, Shure SM7B, Electo-Voice RE20, and other gain hungry dynamic microphones. 

*NOTE – The STEALTH is NOT for Condenser microphones! The STEALTH is powered with the 48v phantom power from your audio interface and does NOT pass the phantom power to the mic.  

You may have heard about other products like Cloudlifter or FetHead, well this is the same thing – just less expensive. 


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