May 20, 2024

Cloudlifter Mic Activator – Unleash Your Microphones

Cloudlifter Mic Activator – Unleash Your Microphones

Full demo and review of the CL-2 Cloudlifter from Cloud Microphones.

The Cloudlifter adds 20-25db of clean gain, which is perfect for your low-output dynamic or ribbon microphones.

Many audio interfaces don’t have the minimum 60db of gain that microphones like the Shure SM7b or Rode Procaster need to perform well. The Cloudlifter gets your mic up to a good level so you can use it with pretty much any audio interface.

But, even if your interface has the needed gain, sometimes when you drive a preamp really hard, you end up with a high-end hiss or distortion. By using the Cloudlifter, you can turn the gain down on the interface, get a good level, and avoid the preamp noise.

You could also use the Cloudlifter in conjunction with a standalone mic preamp to avoid driving the preamp as hard and thereby avoiding some ‘color’ that some preamps add to the signal, which you may not want in every case.


Cloudlifter CL-2 handheld
Cloudlifter both plugged in
Cloudlifter with Box
Cloudlifter outputs
Cloudlifter Inputs
Cloudlifter plugged into Komplete Audio 6

The Cloudlifter CL-1 and CL-2 are powered by Phantom Power, so no need to plug it into a wall. The Phantom Power is NOT passed on to the microphone! So you can NOT use the Cloudlifter with Condenser Microphones that require Phantom Power. This is not a big deal really though, since most condensers don’t require near the amount of gain that dynamic mics require.

The Cloudlifter is powered with Phantom Power
Dynamic & Ribbon mics work great with the Cloudlifter
The Cloudlifter does not work with Condenser mics

The Cloudlifter CL-2 is the same thing as the CL-1, except it has two ports. You can use both ports at the same time, or one at a time.

Of course you don’t HAVE to use a Cloudlifter for mics like the SM7b. There are plenty of preamps that have the gain needed to drive low-output dynamic microphones. What makes the Cloudlifter special is that it’s Phantom Powered, the gain is fixed, and it provides clean, uncolored gain. All of that makes it simple to use and quick to setup.

The Cloudlifter can unleash your microphones, make them more usable, and sound much better.

The Cloudlifter gives you clean, transparent gain

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