June 22, 2024

Can You Master a Song in 60 Seconds?

Mastering a Song in 60 Seconds! iZotope Ozone 8 Master Assistant

Can you master a song in 60 seconds? With iZotope Ozone 8 Master Assistant – it’s possible.

I’ll be using iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced, but it’s the same process for other versions.

Master Assistant will give you a great starting point to master your song, and as long as you know the material and know what you want, you can apply further changes in a matter of seconds. You can do all of this within Ozone 8, no other plugins needed.

Understand, it’s not a good idea to only give yourself 60 seconds to master a song. There’s LOADS of knowledge and experience that goes into making the correct choices. However, as you can hear in the video, we get a pretty good master in about a minute.

Ozone 8 includes all the tools you need to master your audio/songs quickly
ozone 8 master assistant 1
ozone 8 waiting for audio master
ozone 8 master assistant done
ozone 8 all modules
Ozone 8 dynamics
ozone 8 eq
ozone 8 maximizer
ozone 8 vintage eq
ozone 8 imager
ozone 8 presets
Ozone 8 title

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