February 21, 2024

Bring Life to Your Tracks w/denise THE SWEEPER

by denise.io

THE SWEEPER from denise is a dynamic resonant filter plugin with a lot of possible uses.

Use THE SWEEPER to dynamically filter away low-end instead of using side-chain compression.

Use it to add modulation and wobbles to synth tracks.

Use it to create sweeps and drops, shape drums, filter out top end hiss, and more.

This is an adaptive filter that can set the frequency based on loudness, or a side-chain signal, which makes it incredibly useful for shaping your tracks or creating new sounds.

THE SWEEPER is VST, AU, and AAX so it will work in all major DAWs.

Checkout the video to see it in action.

Head over to denise.io to pick up THE SWEEPER and hear more examples.

Or get it at Plugin Boutique

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