July 24, 2024

Black Salt Audio LOW CONTROL – Perfect your low-end


Black Salt Audio LOW CONTROL is an easy to use plugin that allows you to control all aspects of your low end.

Low Control will split the spectrum into Low end content and High end content and let you affect just the low end.

Add compression to just the low end, and dial in make-up gain to bring it out, or reduce it to tighten it up.

Use the Enhance knob to generate harmonics and make the low end hit even harder. Enhance can also make the low end more audible on smaller speakers.

With Low Control you can dial in epic low end that shakes the room, or use it to tighten up a muddy track.

Low Control can be used on everything!

Try it on kicks & toms, bass, piano, synths, drum loops, guitar, strings, cinematic percussion, and more.


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