April 17, 2024

BFD3 Core Drum Library

In this video you will see/hear each of the drums/cymbals/ect… that are included with BFD3.

First you will hear each individual drum, cymbal, or percussion piece, without any effects – totally dry.

After that there will be a demo of some of the included Presets and Grooves in BFD3. The included Presets contain effects, but there is no post-processing. Everything you hear will be coming directly from BFD3.

The BFD3 Core Library is around 55GB when fully installed.

BFD3 is FXpansion’s latest Drum Virtual Instrument. BFD3 can be run in standalone or as a plugin in your DAW, like Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic, ect…

To learn more about BFD3, go to

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